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The South Florida Gay Flag Football League is open to all players from beginners to retired NFL players. We are an inclusive and safe environment for LGBT Athletes, heterosexual allies that love our fast-paced and physical games, former college players, retired professional athletes and admirers of flag football. JOIN US BY CLICKING HERE!


The South Florida Gay Flag Football League (SFGFFL) is a non-profit organization that fosters community involvement through amateur athletic competition. Our organization promotes positive social plus athletic enjoyment of flag football in league play, national tournaments as well as international competition among LGBT amateur athletes and our straight allies living in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida.

SFGFFL educates its players plus volunteers while making charitable contributions to organizations that deal with anti-bullying programs, suicide prevention, LGBT health, breast cancer awareness, LGBT youth programs, HIV/AIDS treatment, homelessness, hunger, domestic violence assistance, and affordable healthcare for the working poor.


The South Florida Gay Flag Football League, Inc. (SFGFFL) is a State of Florida Not-for-Profit Participant Organization and a Federal 501(c)(4) Tax-Exempt Organization governed by a Board of Thirteen (13) Directors.  Players in the league pay seasonal dues (currently two seasons annually — Fall & Spring) to participate in adult recreational flag football.  There are skills clinics at the start of each season and players receive further training from the Captains and Team Leads.  Participants and players are also afforded opportunities to travel with the team — when possible — to broaden their world view and understanding of other leagues.  Efforts are made to ensure that all players receive sufficient playing time as well as education in the game to enhance their personal growth, development and world view.  The SFGFFL also participates in many community activities and events as well as hosting fundraisers.  In 2012 the SFGFFL helped raise funds for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  The SFGFFL also helps volunteer efforts in conjunction with other organizations throughout South Florida such as The White Party in Miami Beach, PRIDE Fort Lauderdale, Stonewall Summer PRIDE, Miami Beach Pride and more.  Additionally in 2014 Not-for-Profit Organizations in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties who provide services related to HIV/AIDS Healthcare, LGBT & Allied Youth and Fighting Hunger will be the focus for Volunteer Hours in giving back to our community.  The SFGFFL plans to apply with the United States Treasury as a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization.


CAT 5 Red CAT 5 Black
CAT 5 Red CAT 5 Black

The SFGFFL is the host for the Annual Florida Sunshine Cup Gay Flag Football Tournament. The Florida Sunshine Cup is hosted each year over the weekend immediately preceding President’s Day.  The first Florida Sunshine Cup was hosted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010. The SFGFFL also subsidizes its Tournament and Annual Gay Bowl Teams.  Subsidies can include, but are not limited to: tournament dues, travel costs, jersey costs.  SFGFFL Tournament and Gay Bowl Teams currently operate as CAT 5 and utilize the logo pictured below to the left.







The SFGFFL is also a Member of the

National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL).


Appearance of any person, business or organization within photographs, advertisements, or other content neither implies nor infers any indication of their sexual orientation. 

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